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About Us

In 2017 we opened with a plan and dream of bringing Recreation Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy to El Paso.  We never could have anticipated not just how much our business would grow and change, but how much we would change.  Each client we have met, every family that has allowed us to be a part of their story, and every achievement we are able to be a part of... those things have changed us and given us an even great vision for the future.  

Our team is passionate about really seeing people.  We believe every client we meet deserves the chance to be known and appreciated and encouraged.  We know that by bringing out their talents and skills, or by pushing them to achieve more, that we can not only help them to achieve their therapy goals, but also help them to enjoy life more.  

That, truly, is our goal.   We believe that each person who comes into our office or meets with us for therapy, should be challenged, encouraged, seen, understood, and pushed to live life to the fullest.  We achieve that by encouraging independence, by developing skills and talents, by being friends and mentors and supports.  We work on therapy goals in an environment that fosters inclusion, encourages friendships, and is a place where each client loves coming.  

Our goals and dreams continue to grow bigger as we see new ways we can impact the lives of our clients.  We will never stop learning and pursuing new ways to help our clients to live fuller lives and find a place they belong in our community.  

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