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Imagine a life without leg and foot pain...

Reflexology Therapy

...where you can take a step into a pain-free future with the

help of our medical massage therapist.  

Our therapist will utilize multiple approaches to help you find the relief you have been looking for.  Stephanie's extensive training and years of experience give her the ability to determine the best strategy to help you. 


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a classic and widely practiced massage technique that focuses on promoting relaxation and easing muscle tension. Therapists use a variety of long, gliding strokes, kneading, and circular motions to increase blood circulation and reduce stress. This soothing massage helps improve flexibility, release muscle knots, and create an overall sense of well-being.

Sports massage on leg

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is beneficial for those seeking relief from chronic pain, muscle tightness, or injuries. Firm pressure and slow strokes are used to reach deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. The therapist uses elbows, forearms, and thumbs to apply intense pressure, breaking down adhesions and promoting better blood flow. 

Reflexology Therapy

Pin and Stretch

Pin and stretch massage is a technique where the therapist applies pressure to a specific area, "pins" a muscle or group of muscles, and then combines it with stretching movements. This method helps release tension, improve flexibility, and promote better range of motion. 

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